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Porches And Conservatories

Enjoy the great outdoors in comfort

Too hot in the summer?
WeatherBeaters can change your conservatory roof so you can use it more like a room.

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  •  Survey to find if existing (corner posts, frames) are strong enough.
  •  Remove existing roof down to head of windows.
  •  Take all to a disposal site.
  •  Using our traditional building and roofing knowledge.
  •  Fit tanalised 150 x 50 mm timber around the perimeter of conservatory.
  •  Fit joists minimum 450mm apart using galvanised jiffy hangers.
  •  Fit 150 mm Celotex insulation between joists.
  •  Fit damp barrier.
  •  Fit plasterboard.
  •  Finish ceiling and fit spotlights if needed.
  •  Fit a PVCu fascia all around to take new gutter.
  •  Leave house and garden thoroughly tidy.
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WeatherBeaters can give you the perfect space to overlook your garden. Your porch or conservatory will be perfect for relaxing in and entertaining in all year round.

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  •  Designed and built to any style you care to choose
  •  Old conservatories refurbished with modern materials
  •  Old Georgian wire, corrugated sheets and old glass roofs replaced with triple polycarbonate, if required, or with high performance double glazed conservatory roof systems
  •  CAD drawing and Photo 3D used to show how the conservatory you choose will look on your property from a simple digital photo of your house
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Whether it's a porch or conservatory, if it is installed by us it will be durable and beautiful and so will improve the appearance and value of your property.

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Beautiful views in and out, increase the value of your home with a call to WeatherBeaters

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